Sunday, September 12, 2010

Rattlesnake Bar - Horseshoe Bar Trail

Today we picked our first hike out of "60 Hikes within 60 Miles".

Page 162 :)...Hike #30

Once you drive through the kiosk at the lake, drive towards the boat ramp. There is a small fork, the road continues to the ramp, and the "off road" looking road to the right is the one you want to take. Yes, you do. Slowly, unless you want to loose shocks. The parking lot listed is such: a lot. No amenities. Toilets are at the boat ramp.

The trail is listed as only 4.7 miles, fairly close to home, dog friendly, and with a water as a reward :). The guide has it listed as Easy, approx. time 2 hours. That held true.

The trail was narrow, but well maintained. Lots of horse poop :). There was a slight, steady elevation. The kids LOVED that there were wild grapes along the path, and picked a big bunch to chew on while we hiked. Kid tip: spit out the seed. The seeds are bitter. The views of the lake are fabulous, my daughter said it reminded her of Italy.

For a Sunday, the path was very empty. We only met one couple with a dog.

The trail ends quite appruptly at a new house construction. Though there is a small path that leads around it, there are "Private property" signs posted all around, so I am not sure if this was there when the book was printed. We turned around, thinking we could take a dip in Lake Folsom.

Don't. This water's edge is stinky, and slushy. My dog hopped in, and stinks like sludge. After he came out, I forbade my kids to jump in :).

Fun trail to hike with kids and dog.


  1. What a great family adventure! We've been doing more of this kind of thing since Asher turned 3 and I hope to increase our hiking frequency and stamina as our boys grow.

    We have two hiking books we like: Best Hikes with Children Around Sacramento, by Bill McMillon; and Best Easy Day Hikes Lake Tahoe, by Tracy Saleedo.

    I'll have to look into that 60 Hikes within 60 Miles book.

    Good luck with your blog!

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  3. I wonder if I can get my granddaughters to join me. They love to ride on the river trail and go for hikes.

    Actually, the problem would be, could I keep up with them!

  4. I think i could go on this type of adventure with my family!!!!.hiking food for dogs